A modern twist on a holiday tradition. Bright bitter orange, decorated with clove buds, nestles in the warm richness of fresh cinnamon. The inviting fragrance lets you know the holidays are near.

Product Information

Our soy wax candles are hand poured into beautifully designed handblown glass vessels crafted to enhance your fragrance experience. The clean-burning soy wax blend is formulated so that the fragrance evenly fills the room with our beautifully layered essential oil based fragrances.

Key Benefits

  • The artisanal blown glass container becomes an enduring keepsake object for your home once the candle is finished.
  • Layers of the finest essential oil-based fragrances are combined with a clean-burning soy wax blend that is richly optimized for an effusive 90 hour scent experience.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Bitter orange
  • Clove buds
  • Cinnamon

LAFCO's Pure Promise:

  • Essential oil based fragrances deliver a natural and true scent.
  • Highly concentrated fragrances fully and evenly scent any room.
  • Unique solid soy wax and 100% cotton wicks provide a clean, non toxic burn.

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